New Website!

It's finally done! It has seemed like forever since I said we would be making the switch to Squarespace, but IT IS FINALLY DONE! It's no secret that I dislike website construction, coding, and all that goes along with it, but I can confidently say, that making the switch from Vistaprint to Squarespace has been one of the best business decisions to date. It is so much easier to navigate- not to mention, pretty! 

That being said, I hope you all enjoy and please leave us some feedback in the comments section here! Also, did I mention that the Squarespace blogging platform is SO much easier to manage and work with, so there will be many more blog posts in the near future! I will be posting some prompts soon to get an idea of what you want to see from us on the blog. 

I am so excited to officially LAUNCH our new site! Enjoy!