Your Florist isn't trying to break your Bank

One of the common responses I get from couples shopping around for a florist is, “I had no idea flowers are so expensive.” I get it- you drive down the freeway and see fields of wildflowers and think, there is no possible way my wedding flowers could cost more than a brand new, 50-inch TV… but it is true- your florist is not trying to squeeze every last penny out of you; flowers are indeed quite expensive, so let me break it down.

Flower farms are largely concentrated in South America and Europe: some of your favorite flowers are sourced from Ecuador, Columbia, Holland, and the Netherlands- in fact, the vast majority of U.S. flowers are imported. So, that being said, nine times out of ten your wedding flowers are starting out in another country- now, tack on the costs of importation and transport. Speaking of transportation… remember how flowers are perishable? That means they aren’t put on a truck in hopes they arrive three weeks later: they are put on an overnight flight and the subsequent overnight freight charges are assessed. Do you want to guess who those charges are billed to? That’s right. Your wedding florist.

By the time the shipment arrives at your florist, the flowers need to be treated, processed and rehydrated to bring them back to life after such a journey. The time this takes generally depends on the size of the order, but large orders can take up to a few hours to process.  Some flowers such as Dahlias and Hydrangeas require additional treatment, and that takes even longer. All of this takes time and expertise, which costs money.

Additionally, it takes time, skill, and knowledge to design your wedding flowers, no matter how simple or elaborate they are. Florists begin designing up to three days in advance, as it takes many hours to give life to your vision. Again, time = money. This is not accounting for the production of your quote, and proposal, or the hours dedicated to understanding your parameters, flexibility, budget, and visual aesthetic.

To summarize, just like your Photographer and Makeup Artist and every other wedding vendor, your florist invests many hours into you and your special day, and as such, this requires an investment from you as well. We take pride in our industry, work, and professionalism and value the trust you instill in us on one of the most special and memorable days of your life.