Pinning your Wedding Style like a Boss

There are SO MANY resources for brides out there nowadays- it is difficult sometimes to figure out and decide on the right path to planning your wedding. Google, The Knot, Here Comes the Guide, Zola, not to mention endless wedding blogs are all vying for your time and attention- the internet becomes a soul-sucking abyss (and let’s be real- no one enjoys that). There is one platform that I have not yet mentioned: Pinterest. As a florist, I can tell you most of the inspiration images I get from my couples are from Pinterest and almost always the same five pins. So, I am going to give you some tips on using Pinterest and all these other sites to your advantage, without wasting your truly precious time and irritating your fiance to no end.

  1. FIRST and foremost. Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE. Don’t think of it as anything other than that.

  2. Just like every other search engine known to man- the most popular and frequently viewed images show up first. So, that being said, don’t just start pinning the first images you see. Dig a little deeper, take that extra five minutes, and use more detailed searches; describe colors, shapes, floral varieties, sizes, seasons, etc.- unless you want your wedding to look just like Janet’s, Barbara’s, Shirley’s, and Pamela’s, then by all means- pin away!

  3. Half of the wedding inspiration on Pinterest you see is created by a collaboration of vendors and is not an actual wedding. Styled wedding shoots are trending within the industry and happening every day, all over the world. That doesn’t mean much to you, other than, some things you may see will not be practical for your wedding. Keep this in mind and don’t be shocked if a vendor advises you against something you see on Pinterest.

  4. Pinterest now allows you to create sections within a board, so you can create separate sections for Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, Centerpieces, etc. By doing this, you will eliminate the need for your florist to clarify what pins are inspiration for which designs. The more details and clarification you can provide up front, the less you’ll have to explain or clear up later.

  5. Try to have a Pinterest Board put together BEFORE reaching out to Wedding Florists… we have no idea what you are envisioning if you just tell us, “My wedding colors are blush and ivory and I want roses.” Subsequently, it is nearly impossible for us to produce an accurate quote for you, and that just isn’t convenient or practical for anyone.

Follow these tips and don’t rush through and pin everything you see; select carefully, because we are drawing common themes from your collection of pins to best reflect your vision. Enjoy and have fun pinning!